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We provide various inline skating courses in group and private forms, From beginner to advance level, urban skating and freestyle slalom. Courses include skating forward/ backward, different stopping, and turning techniques, in order to train your flexibility and response to situations. Enhancing your safety mindset in skating.

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Course Intro

There are four levels in our courses. Beginner level builds up the safety mindset and fundamental acceleration/ brake stopping techniques. Intermediate level enhances the balance and skating speed. Advance level boosts the flexibility and power. After that, you may select the vivid freestyle slalom that dances in music or urban skating that challenges your skills。

Trainer Intro

The trainers of Let'SkateHK hold the coaching certificate from the Hong Kong Federation of roller sports. They have abundant training experience, which customize the course to fit your needs or age. Besides, the systematic course content can be absorbed by students easily. There is also games to making the children class more engaging.


Fundamental courses are divided into 4 levels
After the advance level, you may able to select urban skating and freestyle slalom level.


You will learn about the equipment, safety standing/ falling position, and avoiding crushing. Building a safety mindset to protect yourself from injuries.

Class Contents
  1. Wearing of equipment
  2. Steady techniques
  3. Falling and standing
  4. Avoiding falling backward
  5. Dodge other beginners
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You will learn V-shape forward stride, braking, and lemon drop. It enhances the fundamental skills, skating with an effective position.

Class Contents
  1. Stepping on the spot
  2. V-shape forward stride
  3. Step turn
  4. Braking
  5. Usages of lemon drop
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Suitable for students who know skating forward. You will learn A-shape backward stride,application of T-stop, slalom turning, and crouching. It enhances the stability and speed of skating.

Class Contents
  1. A-shape backward stride
  2. linear stride
  3. Stopping for backward
  4. T-Stop
  5. Slalom turn
  6. Crouching Slalom turn
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Suitable for students who finished Interediate level. You will learn crossover turn, power stop, and Mohawk turn, such advanced techniques. To boost your power and flexibility for freestyle slalom and urban skating

Class Contents
  1. One leg skating
  2. Crossover turn
  3. Mohawk Turn (forward/backward conversion)
  4. Spread Eagle
  5. Crossover backward turn
  6. Heel Toe
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Urban Ride

Suitable for students who finished Advance level. You will learn all the techniques of urban environments such as surfaces, stairs, slopes by actual skating on the street. To make it becomes your transportation, rolling your lifestyle.

Freestyle Slalom

Suitable for students who finished Advance level. Freestyle slalom contains classic freestyle slalom, speed slalom, and freestyle Slides. Students can be an independent skater in a skating rink with these techniques.

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