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About Let'SkateHK

Let'SkateHK is found by two enthusiastic skaters in 2012, and the purpose is to promote inline-skating.
We held various urban skating activities and meetings, from downtown Mon Kok, Causeway Bay to outlying islands like Mui Wo.
The roads in Hong Kong are compatible with inline skating, so we are looking for more skaters to join our community and share their ideas and techniques with eachother.
Our community keeps on holding meetings and urban skating activities, making skating a part of our lifestyle.

Let'SkateHK community

has reached116 members

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Inline Skating Trains Full Body Muscle

Most people think it only trains leg muscle. In fact, each acceleration step needs the balance with the upper body, including the arm, shoulder, and abdominal muscle. The core muscle on the body needs to be tense. It not only trains the strength of the power but also the flexibility of the joint, which helps to imporve the body control and balance.
《Harvard Health Publishing》specified that the calorie consumed by inline skating for 30 minutes is more than swimming and dancing for 30 minutes. It is also suitable for losing weight.


Inline Skate is Transportation, Too

It does not occupy; and adapts to most of the street road and pavement which is an excellent tool for transportation. It seems only appear in animations. But in Europe, it is not rare to see that skate to college and work place for the eco-friendly purpose. In Hong Kong, we are popularizing it.

Extend Interpersonal Relationship

Meetings and Activities

Our community is growing, and we share experiences and techniques. Besides, we hold urban activities and lead beginners to try more paths and types of street roads. Skaters can meet new friends in our community.


Challenge Higher Achievement

The Hong Kong Federation of roller sports holds various competitions every year, including freestyle slalom, speed skating, and figure skating. Skaters can admit to the Hong Kong representative team and participate in the global competition if you feel confident with the skill.

What a great sport, but how to start?

Let'SkateHK provides adult and kids inline skating courses.
Except for regular group course,there is also private course,
that can boost your skill to participate in activities in our great community.

Our Courses
Inline skate course

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You can reach us via Whatsapp, Signal, Email, or comment on our Facebook page. We will reply as soon as possible.

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